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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just how long can a long string be?! Many activities using string to teach transforming to kids

Recently we just seem to be bumping into books by Keith Baker at our library. ‘Just how long can a long string be?!’ is another little gem that has led to fun activities and many interesting family conversations.
This book illustrates many different uses of strings and how the length of the string varies for each application. My little boy seems to keep an eye out for any use of string he might encounter. He came up with some common ones like shoe laces, puzzles using laces, embroidery. Some more creative uses where he assumed a rope to be essentially a string. Such as the one used to pull a kayak to the shore or to tie the astronauts to the rocket during their spacewalk. This last one actually stumped me!

This has led to a few elaborate art projects like making a weaver, wrapping fake packages and also decorate a yogurt cup to make a pen holder. We even revisited our embroidery project that he liked doing when he was younger. We glued a string to the balloon to make a string ball, as this seems to be a popular activity on many blogs and I have been wanting to try it for some time.

Many little activities have spurred from this book. We have cut a stick of butter using a string, tied a cheese cloth, and hung photos on the wall using string. We have also gone through my wardrobe to find various uses of strings in clothes and accessories. We even made a trip to the beach to fly a kite. If you want to check other crafts you can make with string you can follow my Pinterest board.
We revisited pictures of some kid events we have attended that involved a use of strings or similar objects

Who knew this little book was going to keep us so busy. Now we can keep taking common objects and keep looking for its multiple uses. What a great way to stretch the imagination of little ones. Also a great way to hone transforming skills. Transforming is an important creative innovation tool. That is how commonplace objects like rubber bands, masking tapes and pencils were invented.
Want to add to our list of uses of strings? Any suggestions on what other objects we can use for a similar activity?

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