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Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 easy and healthy lunch recipes

We all need lunch recipes that can be made easily and are healthy. Something that kids will enjoy eating while it is good for them, makes it even more challenging. So here are five easy lunch recipes that will be liked by kids and adults alike. Best part is, your kids can help making all of these recipes.
I am very excited to include a featured recipe by Chef Maura Redmond. Hope your family enjoys them as much as mine.

Raspberry – Zucchini Pancakes
These are easy to make, delicious, and a great way to get the little ones to eat vegetables. They are sure to please the grown up crowd when planning a brunch. Read more
Stuffed vegetable boats
This is a great way to serve a complete meal which includes vegetables (cooked and raw), protein and carbs. The pirate decoration is obviously optional but a fun way to dress it up and to add cheese or green leaf and carrots to the mix. Read more
Apple, cranberry, and spinach sandwich
This is a great sandwich to serve in the lunch box for kids and adults alike. Great for birthday parties
or book club or play dates and even picnics. Read more
Underground Latkas
These Latkas were an instant hit with my 3 year old and his friends. All of us mommies loved it too. Wondering about the name of the dish? Well you can use any root vegetables that grow under the ground along with potatoes, to make this recipe. It’s a healthy take on traditional Latka’s to get those little fellas to eat their veggies. Read more
Korean Pancakes (Special feature recipe by chef Maura Redmond)
These savory pancakes are a great use of whatever bits of leftovers you have in your refrigerator.  I love using up that last bits of meat or veggies that would otherwise get tossed by cooking them this way. Read more
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